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"For & Against" episode to tackle campaign finance reform

In this latest episode, host Jim Morrison talks to former Louisiana Governor and presidential candidate Buddy Roemer and The Advocate magazine’s New York correspondent Julie Bolcer about campaign finance reform and how big money has influenced the upcoming elections.

COMMENTARY: Romney-Ryan asks, "Are you better off?"

The vision of Romney-Ryan intrudes on vacation, but Kit-Bacon Gressitt answers the question about whether she is better off today than four years ago.

COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan swaps unborn babies for vice presidency

So Republican voters beware: If Ryan will dump his long-time commitment to the nation’s unborn pre-voters just to get elected, imagine what other chicanery we could expect from him as vice president.

COMMENTARY: Are we not all God's children?

LGBT Americans are not treated equally. Heterosexual Americans have many more federal rights. The Religious Right gleefully advocates for anti-gay discrimination. Any wonder why LGBT teens are bullied or commit suicide at an alarming rate? Homophobia must be stopped.

COMMENTARY: What did we learn from the New Hampshire primary?

Mitt Romney is on a roll, winning both the Iowa Republican Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Still, he has yet to win a majority of the votes in either state, showing that the majority of Republican voters are not quite sold on him as their nominee.