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San Diego Democrats for Equality share "a little bit of club history"

San Diego Democrats for Equality share "a little bit of club history"
Democrats for Equality,
You may recall last year that the San Diego History Center hosted an incredible exhibit on San Diego's LGBTQ history.
Our club has been at the forefront of that history for the past 45 years.

Election 2014: Susan Guinn vows to defeat anti-gay County Clerk

Consumer attorney Susan Guinn says that Ernest Dronenburg’s political blunders and missteps show voters that “the incumbent is doing a terrible job. He is bad for business, bad for families and has abused his elected position to promote his own ideology, rather than following the law.”

Political analysts divided on effect of Nathan Fletcher's party switches

While David Alvarez and Faulconer are campaigning hard within their established base, Nathan Fletcher continues to fight allegations that his newly blue political alignment is less about party affiliation and more about doing whatever is needed to win the Mayor’s Office.

COMMENTARY: Has our humanity been furloughed, too?

"This shutdown is a political thing. Democrats, Republicans, Independents – anyone sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate – this is your baby, this is your responsibility, this is your freaking job – and you’re not doing it."

Will the real Nathan Fletcher please stand up?

In the course of a year, Nathan Fletcher went from Republican to Independent to Democrat, leaving San Diego's LGBT community wondering exactly where he stands.