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Pokemon Go

Safety tips for playing 'Pokemon Go' from San Diego Police

San Diego Police say common sense is the best way to enjoy Pokemon Go.

The new cellphone craze “Pokemon Go” has become a mobile phenomenon, and people are discovering that it can do a lot more than just capture animated creatures. It has also become a tool for people to inadvertently discover a possible crime scene. 

Westboro Baptist Church uses Pokemon Go for hate speech

Jigglypuff is being used by the Westboro Baptist Church to preach anti-gay vitriol.

The Westboro Baptist Church is now using the hugely popular app-based game Pokemon Go to endorse their organization.

One proud player created a trainer called “Pinknose” who caught a Jigglypuff and named him “Loveislove.” Noticing the Westboro Church was the location of a gym, he quickly claimed it in the name of Pride.