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New Barbra Streisand single aimed squarely at Trump

Not since Pink's Dear Mr. President has a pop song been deliberately aimed at our Commander in Chief. Now comes Barbra Streisand's latest single Don't Lie to Me, a song that even borrows a line in part from Pink's hit, asking "How do you sleep?" 

Pink drops latest single to surprised fans on Thursday

Pink drops new single "What About Us" on Thursday.

Did everyone catch that sneaky release of Pink's New single “What About Us” on Thursday?

This is the premiere single from her forthcoming album “Beautiful Trauma" dropping October 13. 

The outspoken superstar has been busy lately with the birth of her second child Jameson Moon in December.

Pink responds to Gaga's use of aerial choreography

Lady Gaga soared through the air at Super Bowl LI.

Since there was no real controversy surrounding Lady Gaga’s performance at the half-time show during Super Bowl LI, some are trying to stir the pot by making up their own.

Fans of Pink made reference to Mother Monster’s use of aerial choreography, claiming that the stunts are something the “Who Knew” artist does in her own act.