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Paul Ryan

COMMENTARY: The lost souls of the Republican Party

The Republican Party has lost its heart and soul. The party of Abraham Lincoln, founded in the mid-1850s as a political movement united against slavery, has morphed in the 21st century into the party of hate and the party of no.

COMMENTARY: The myth of the tolerant Republican

So, you can tell me that you are tolerant, and you love me and you support me, and that you want smaller government, and you’re fiscally responsible, etc. – all I will see is that you identify yourself with a group of people who are hateful, intolerant, judgmental, racist, homophobic and xenophobic.

Meet the Who's Who of hate at Values Voter Summit 2012

Republican and conservative leaders, including GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, are set to address the Values Voter Summit this weekend in Washington, D.C., where speakers will denounce gay rights, secular government, legal abortion and women's rights.

COMMENTARY: Romney-Ryan asks, "Are you better off?"

The vision of Romney-Ryan intrudes on vacation, but Kit-Bacon Gressitt answers the question about whether she is better off today than four years ago.