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Paul Canning

Belgrade Gay Pride banned over security concerns

"Police cannot support holding of all this gatherings for security reasons, because there will be clashes, victims, blood and we will end up a huge chaos."

Gay Burundian wins UK asylum after 11-year battle

As a teenager, the gay man and his sister fled Burundi where his family, part of the persecuted Tutsi minority, were massacred. It took 11 years to win sanctuary in the United Kingdom.

Two steps forward for Turkey and LGBT

Turkey has taken one small step forward for LGBT recognition with, for the very first time, a government minister meeting LGBT representatives.

Another day in the life of homophobic Russia

In the latest news from homophobic Russia: Moscow police have stopped investigating the bashing of a lesbian journalist; Moscow authorities refuse to register LGBT NGOs; and another Russian region wants to outlaw LGBT and pro-gay organizing.

New group vows to fight for global gay rights

The Kaleidoscope International Diversity Trust says it will work to support LGBT human rights campaigns around the world "guided by local needs and the help we are asked to give."