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Pat Griffin

Pat Griffin's LGBT Sport Blog: Power, Penn State and Joe Paterno

It is difficult to reconcile the Joe Paterno who was king of Penn State with the Joe Paterno who claimed he didn’t know what to do when he learned in 2002 about the allegations against Jerry Sandusky. Joe Paterno always knew what to do. Joe Paterno was never reluctant to use his power to get what he wanted.

NCLR applauds new NCAA inclusionary policy regarding transgender athletes

NCLR applauds the NCAA for adopting rules and policies regarding the inclusion of transgender athletes. The NCAA policy was based heavily on a report drafted last fall by a think tank put together by NCLR and It Takes A Team!, an initiative of the Women's Sports Foundation.

Pat Griffin's Sports Blog: What's it like to be LGBT at BYU?

Students who enroll at BYU know what they are committing themselves to, but many young people do not identify themselves as gay until after they are in college. What must it be like to come from a Mormon family, identify as a Morman AND be lesbian, gay or bisexual?