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Palm Springs

LGBT Center in Palm Springs on its re-opening date

As the news of ambitious re-opening plans are being laid across the state of California, we are doing our best to follow guidelines and refine our path towards re-opening The Center at the McDonald/Wright building in Palm Springs. Oh, how we miss you all!

Palm Springs Pride shares plans for 2020 Pride Weekend taking place Nov. 6-8

Palm Springs Pride shares plans for 2020 Pride Weekend taking place Nov. 6-8

Pride Weekend is November 6-8 in Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Pride invites the community to come together in solidarity, in the spirit of activism, and to demonstrate resilience under the theme Exist. Resist. Persist. A combination of social distanced, in-person and virtual programs are scheduled.

Syphilis outbreak warning in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is in the middle of a Syphilis outbreak warns county officials.

Riverside County health officials are warning of a syphilis outbreak in Palm Springs.

In its first stage, the disease is characterized by sores on the genitals, rectum, and mouth followed by a rash. This can lead to fatigue, itching, swollen lymph nodes and finally brain damage, organ damage and even blindness.

Grant Foreman nourishes his soul in Palm Springs

Grant Foreman guides you through some of the more relaxing parts of Palm Springs

Part of staying healthy, body and mind, is not just being active through movement but by providing ourselves with new opportunities to find appreciation in the moment.

Travel is an easy way to accomplish both of these aspects, and with so many fun excursions so close to San Diego, now is the time to hit the road.

Back Out With Benny: We are family

We are a family and despite our many differences (many of those differences are what make this family so beautiful), we are there for each other on our best days and our worst days.