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Theater Review: "Spring Awakening"

Teachers, parents and school officials are portrayed as human instruments of oppression. You may recognize a few from your own past.

Somewhere in those awkward teen years, touch takes on a meaning it never had before, awakening something deep inside – and you know your life is changed forever.

For boys like Melchior and Moritz of “Spring Awakening,” that something will inspire dreams – wet and otherwise – and unexplained stirrings they are not equipped to cope with.

Theater Review: "Heathers: The Musical"

Veronica soon realizes that being in favor with the Heathers involves sacrifices to her integrity, just as being on the outs will cost her socially.

I don’t remember high school especially fondly, but not in my wildest nightmares was it anything like the depiction of Westerberg High School in “Heathers: The Musical.”

This isn’t your sweet little show about those good ol’ high school days.

Theater Review: "Play It Again, Sam"

Some guys need a little help getting dates. Film critic Allan Felix (aka Woody Allen) needs a personality makeover, or maybe a transplant. He’s just been divorced by his wife Nancy (when you observe one of their interactions, you’ll wonder what took her so long) and now this social flop is trying to get back into the dating game. 

Theater Review: “November”

Greg McAfee as President Charles HP Smith and Rhiannon McAfee as Clarice Bernstein

U.S. President Charles H.P. Smith (Greg McAfee) is about to lose his re-election bid. His numbers have dropped “lower than Gandhi’s cholesterol” and he needs money for his presidential library, even if it’s too late for the campaign.

“What is it about me that people don’t like?” he asks adviser Archer Brown (Dave Hibler)

Theater Review: “Good People”

Kaly McKenna as Margie, Dee Kelley as Dottie

"Good People” isn’t playwright David Lindsay-Abaire’s best play, but OnStage Playhouse is giving it a smashing production through Sept. 24.

The location is South Boston’s Lower End, aka Southie, and the question under consideration is the old American saw that you can be whatever you want if you just try hard enough.

Theater Review: "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story"

Noah Zuniga-Williams as Buddy Holly with Randy Coull and Dawn Marie Zuniga-Williams as Norman and Vi Petty

Buddy Holly, who had a short life but a huge influence on early rock and roll music, comes alive again in OnStage Playhouse’s terrific production of “Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story.”