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One Million Moms

COMMENTARY: "Gay Oreo" boycott is making me fat

One Million Moms doesn’t want corporations to actively fight gays, but just stay neutral. We all know what silence equals -- which is why something as seemingly benign as a rainbow cookie is so repugnant to them.

One Million Moms targets Urban Outfitters over catalog photo of two women kissing

After failing to force JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson, and Toys R Us to pull a gay Archie comic from its shelves, the anti-gay “One Million Moms” group has now targeted apparel retailer Urban Outfitters over a photo in its April catalog of two women kissing.

Kevin Keller's gay wedding issue of “Life With Archie” is sold out

Despite a boycott call by anti-gay group One Million Moms, the issue of “Life With Archie” featuring the marriage of military veterans Kevin Keller and his African-American boyfriend Clay has sold out, Archie Comics reports.