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The Old Globe’s Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage

Theater Review: "October Sky"

Kevin Depinet’s set is varied, much of it is movable and scenes are often changed at the drop of a scrim or a light cue.

I was in high school when the Russians sent Sputnik skyward and changed the course of history, triggering the Space Race. I remember the fear, excitement and near hysteria it caused – and the sudden decision of San Diego High School to teach Russian in the next year.

Theater Review: "Sense And Sensibility"

(from left) Emily Berman as Lucy Steele, Sharon Rietkerk as Elinor

They’re cute, they’re witty, they can sing and they’re looking for love. What could be a more appealing subject for a musical?

I’m talking about Jane Austen’s famous Dashwood sisters – Marianne (Megan McGinnisas) and Elinor (Sharon Rietkerk) – whose beloved amatory adventures have been given a musical treatment by Paul Gordon.

Theater Review: "Camp David"

Ned Eisenberg as Menachem Begin, Richard Thomas as Jimmy Carter, and Khaled Nabawy as Anwar Sadat

It was a long shot from the beginning. The players: a failed president (Jimmy Carter); an assassin and Nazi collaborator (Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt), and a terrorist (Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel).

The task: To establish peace between Egypt and Israel.