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Trans Family Support Services seeking mentors for Kyler's Konnections program

Trans Family Support Services

Are you looking for a guided mentorship by someone in the transgender community with transition experience? Are you a trans/gender-non-conforming adult wanting to support our younger trans folks? TransFamily Support Services is proud to announce our mentorship program - Kyler's Konnections - is now available in a virtual setting.  

JLo recognizes gender-neutral relative in social media post

Her use of “they” and “their” seem to indicate that the singer understands and respects the teen’s identity without making that the central point.

Jennifer Lopez was very proud of her younger relative who was accepted into the Global Young Leaders Conference, but that is not why the LGBT community is giving her accolades.

Lopez posted on Instagram about Brendan, her sister’s child, and how proud she was to see the youngster achieve such an accomplishment.