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Supreme Court deals another blow to NOM

The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) gets the snub this morning from the U.S. Supreme Court in its bid to overturn a lower court decision regarding its campaign against same-sex marriage in Maine in 2009.

COMMENTARY: Say a prayer to whom?

Kit-Bacon Gressitt returns from studying in Spain to an America gone nuts: Censoring a female lawmaker for saying "vagina" in an abortion debate; a cross-waving bigot bashing General Mills over marriage equality; and a birther elected judge in San Diego County.

Fred Karger proud to make history as first gay candidate for President

Fred Karger discusses his historic campaign, takes a swipe at his mortal enemy, Maggie Gallagher of the anti-gay hate group the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and predicts the outcome of the Proposition 8 legal case.

Will Mitt Romney repudiate his signing of NOM Pledge?

"If Romney does not reject NOM’s endorsement, his silence – coupled with his 2008 donation – is tantamount to his approval of NOM’s ruthless, racially divisive strategy.”

COMMENTARY: NOM lets others do their dirty work

For more than a year now, gay rights activists have alleged that NOM is playing a shell game, avoiding the most egregiously false defamations of gay people on its own website, but linking directly to others who don’t.