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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Lambda Legal appeals Nevada marriage lawsuit to Ninth Circuit

Lambda Legal today filed its opening brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a case on behalf of eight same-gender couples challenging the amendment to Nevada's constitution and other state laws banning marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Can being gay get you out of jury duty?

The latest legal Gordian knot arises out of—where else?—California and poses a seemingly straightforward question: Can potential jurors be excluded from a jury simply because they’re gay?


Gay and lesbian couples in California who have been waiting four long years to get married can start making wedding plans again after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that supporters of Proposition 8 did not have legal standing to defend the case. Pending an appeal by the losing side, though.

Appeals court temporarily blocks California law banning "ex-gay" therapy

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday temporarily delayed the start date of a new California law that protects LGBT youth from therapists who try to change their sexual orientation despite warnings by medical experts that these discredited practices put youth at risk of serious harm.