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Nigeria: House passes anti-gay bill

Whether Nigeria's president will approve the bill remains unclear, and both the United States and the United Kingdom raised concerns over a measure that could put foreign funding for AIDS and HIV outreach programs in jeopardy.

RGOD2: LGBT people face greater visibility, more persecution in 2013

While western democracies cheered at Secretary Clinton’s “gay rights are human rights” speech in Geneva a year ago, a significant coalition of national governments do not share the human rights framework as a basis for protecting their LGBT citizens.

ACTION ALERT: Urge Nigerian president to ditch “Jail The Gays” bill

While the world is focused on Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, the Nigerian House of Representatives has unanimously approved even more sweeping and draconian homophobic legislation, the “Jail the Gays” bill. It could become law within weeks.

ACTION ALERT: Stop Nigeria's "Jail The Gays" bill

At any moment, Nigeria's parliament could pass one of the harshest anti-gay laws the world has ever seen. AllOut.org is circulating petition to take action against this.

In Nigeria, Senate passes harsh anti-gay bill

“The bill will expand Nigeria’s already draconian punishments for consensual same-sex conduct and set a precedent that would threaten all Nigerians’ rights to privacy, equality, free expression, association and to be free from discrimination.”