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Nicole Murray-Ramirez

GLBT Historic Task Force leads campaign for local AIDS memorial

After leading last year’s successful “Harvey Milk Street” campaign, the San Diego GLBT Historic Task Force will now focus on creating a San Diego AIDS memorial, in part to honor over 7,600 AIDS-related deaths in San Diego County.

VIDEOS: Imperial Court royalty faces deportation

Allan Spyere, current Emperor of the Imperial Court de San Diego, was arrested Sunday and now faces deportation to his homeland of Brazil.

COMMENTARY: Turning coal into diamonds

Sean Sala shares the story of a meeting he recently had with a representative from the Salvation Army, in which he has been given the opportunity to make change within the international organization.

COMMENTARY: The truth behind LGBT Weekly’s smear campaign against Carl DeMaio

The truth is, DeMaio is not dangerous to the LGBT community – he is dangerous to union leadership that has way too much influence on San Diego politicians -- and that is exactly where the driver of LGBT Weekly’s smear campaign can be found.