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National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to celebrate 40 years at L.A. brunch | VIDEO

Known as one of the nation's leading LGBT equality organizations, the Task Force has been at the forefront of most of the community's equality battles. Its earliest work included successfully changing the American Psychiatric Association's classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder.

Affordable Care Act: How LGBT people benefit

There are lots of things that people don't know or understand about the health care reform law, known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). When I was working for a member of Congress during the ACA debates, I fielded lots of calls with questions about what would happen if the measure passed.

Federal report pleads for research and data on LGBT health

The lack of significant research and data on health issues is not the only problem facing LGBT patients. Many LGBT people often decline to seek healthcare in times of need out of fear of discrimination and poor treatment by healthcare professionals.