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Ricky Martin steps out officially with handsome new beau

Jwan Josef and Ricky Martin attend amfAR event

Latin pop star Ricky Martin took to the red carpet this weekend to raise money for amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.

It was also a time to introduce his new boyfriend artist Jwan Yosef to the world.

Yosef, according to The Latin Times is a Syrian native, loves Tumblr and currently lives in London.  

Ohio Gov. Kasich wants LGBT people to "calm down" and "pray"

Governor of Ohio wants gays to 'calm down' about discrimination

John Kasich (R), said in an interview on Sunday, April 17, that the LGBT community should “get over” discrimination.

The current third-place presidential candidate and sitting governor of Ohio was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash of State of the Union if he would put a stop to the South’s current rash of anti-LGBT legislation.

Woman dresses as pirate, mocking trans people

A Washington woman tries to explain why trans men and women aren't really men and women.

A woman in Washington would like to teach the people of social media that just because you dress up like someone doesn’t make you that person.   

For mother Kristi Merritt, this is supposed to be a message to trans people about using the restroom designated to their biological sex.