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New Zealand

In New Zealand, same-gender couples begin celebrating wedded bliss

"It's history in the making and hopefully it will help other countries to do the same and help New Zealanders to realize that everyone has worth and dignity no matter who they love.''

New Zealand "poster boy for gay rights" cleared to appear on "Ellen" show

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has granted permission to Parliament member Maurice Williamson to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” after Williamson became the unexpected face of gay rights for his “big gay rainbow” speech last week in favor of marriage equality.

RGOD2: Silent nights and unholy slaughter

Christmas is also a very painful time for a lot of LGBT people because of its close association with memory, family, belonging and rejection. Yet, by embracing the reality of our experience, we are opened up to its truth and our connection to something much much larger than our individual issues.

RGOD2: In celebration of supportive parents

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle reflects on coming out and how it impacted his life and that of his Irish family ... sharing the pain and joy it brought.