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New Hampshire

New Hampshire elects first gay state senator

David Pierce, who has been a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives since 2006, was victorious in his Democratic primary for state senate on Sept. 11 and became the first openly gay candidate to be elected to the state senate as a freshman.

N.H. Episcopalians may elect second gay bishop

Nine years after electing the first openly gay bishop in the history of their church, causing a rift in the worldwide Anglican Communion that remains unrepaired, New Hampshire Episcopalians may choose a second gay man as their leader.

Repeal rejected- New Hampshire sticks with marriage equality

A Republican-led effort to repeal marriage equality in New Hampshire decisively failed today. Lawmakers voted against the repeal, against replacing marriage with civil unions, and against putting it up to a voter referendum.

Repeal of gay marriage absent from New Hampshire's House agenda

The New Hampshire state House legislative leadership announced Thursday they will focus on the state's economic growth and education initiatives in the 2012 session, but are leaving social issues out of the agenda -- including a repeal of the state's same-sex marriage law.

COMMENTARY: What did we learn from the New Hampshire primary?

Mitt Romney is on a roll, winning both the Iowa Republican Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Still, he has yet to win a majority of the votes in either state, showing that the majority of Republican voters are not quite sold on him as their nominee.