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Netflix's "Special" is very much so, and you shouldn't miss it

Ryan O’Connell's "Special" is a canny look at being gay and living with cerebral palsy.

The genius of the new Netflix show called “Special” is not in its situational comedy type setup about a gay writer with cerebral palsy (CP), but with its stars. It’s cast is so rich with talent it should be patented.

New Ellen DeGeneres stand-up coming to Netflix this month

"Relatable" premieres on Netflix on December 18.

This past summer, Ellen DeGeneres returned to the stand-up circuit for a mini-tour, one stop was right here in San Diego. 

Now she's coming to Netflix in December for a special called Relatable, her first for the streaming service giant. 

Antoni Porowski of "Queer Eye" goes sexy "Psycho" in new horror short

"Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski turns serial killer in Neflix short.

Netflix is celebrating Halloween with a series of short films, and this one starring Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski is both extremely sexy and somewhat terrifying.

The gay connoisseur channels his best Christian Bale to become the character that actor made famous in the dark horror comedy American Psycho

'Alex Strangelove' is a gay teen sex comedy with lots of heart

Daniel Doheny plays the titular character in this gay comedy from Netflix.

I was pleasantly surprised with the movie Love, Simon which came out a few months ago. It’s for a new generation, a younger one who missed the John Hughes teen movement, one that didn’t pander to young Gen-Xers, but made their off-beat struggles an intrinsic part of the narrative.

Netflix email scam aims to get your personal info

Netflix scammers want your bank account info.

With over 93 million subscribers, Netflix seems like a gold mine to scammers who want someone’s personal information, and online thieves are doing just that in the latest email scam targeting customers.

Valentine's Day at home or in Hillcrest; here are some suggestions

Here are some suggestions for celebrating Valentine's Day in and around Hillcrest.

It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you’re a last-minute giver, or have planned in advance a special day for that special someone in your life, there is plenty to choose from in and around Hillcrest.

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