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Push for Montana LGBT non-discrimination law causes strife

HELENA, Mont -- Emboldened by the desire for inclusively, advocates launched a bid calling for a non-discrimination law to include Montana’s LGBT community on Wednesday.

Proponents said such protections could create an atmosphere of inclusion in the state’s businesses environment and therefore increase revenue.

Montana university system adds to non-discrimination policy

The Montana Board of Regents, yesterday, unanimously approved adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the State University System's non-discrimination policy, affecting all campuses and over 50,000 teachers, faculty and students.

Montana: Gay couples file new lawsuit seeking benefits

A civil-rights organization filed a new lawsuit against the state Monday on behalf of seven gay couples in an attempt to win for them the same benefits that married couples receive in Montana.

Montana axes obsolete sodomy law

Sixteen years after the Montana Supreme Court ruled that the state’s sodomy law was unconstitutional, the obsolete law has been deleted from the books.