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Reported murder of trans person, marks first in 2017

First reported trans murder of 2017: Mesha Caldwell

In what may be the first transgender death in the United States of 2017, a Mississippi woman was murdered on Wednesday, January 4.

Mesha Caldwell, 41, was a hairstylist and make-up artist reports NewNowNext; she was found shot to death in Madison County.

A queer mom of two reflects on family, identity, and Mississippi

Amanda Watson

[NOTE: Amanda Watson, a queer mother with two children, came of age and started her family in Mississippi. This is her reflection on growing up in, coming out in, and ultimately leaving the Magnolia State.

Clerks in Miss. cannot use religious beliefs to deny marriage licenses

Mississippi State Capitol

On Monday a federal judge ruled that Mississippi clerks cannot refuse marriage licenses to LGBT couples because of personal religious beliefs reports Reuters. 

This is in direct conflict to House Bill 1523 passed by the state legislature that allowed clerks such religious provisions in the past.

Anti-LGBT counseling bill awaits Tennessee Governor's signature

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R), may sign into law a measure that would allow therapists to refuse patients.

LGBT people could face even more discrimination in the South as legislatures have granted the passage of a bill that would allow mental health professionals to deny services based on their religious convictions.

Small Mississippi church stands up against the anti-LGBT law

Joshua Generation Church does not accept new Mississippi law

PENNSYLVANIA, - Not everyone is happy with the new anti-LGBT laws in Mississippi. One small church in Hattiesburg is taking a stand against the measures and wants people to know they are ready to fight reports WLOX.

Mississippi may look like Bart Simpson, but not as clever

Mississippi looks just like Bart Simpson, but not as progressive

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has made it official. On Tuesday, he signed into law making it legal for businesses and organizations to refuse service to LGBT people based on the institution’s religious beliefs.

This also allows businesses to sanction bathroom access, dress codes, grooming and public changing facilities.