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Diners get surcharge added to bill due to minimum wage hike in San Diego

Some San Diego restaurants are adding a little more to your bill to help offset new minimum wage requirements.

The minimum wage for San Diego employees was officially raised to $11.50 on Sunday, January 1, and some local restaurants are adding a surcharge to your bill to help offset the cost.

This is the second wage hike in six months and restaurateurs are a little concerned about how to accommodate the extra dollar per hour to employees when they claim to already have thin profit margins.

Another minimum wage increase for San Diego on Jan. 1

New minimum wage increase for San Diego employees to take effect of Jan. 1, 2017.

It’s been a tumultuous few years for San Diego businesses who scrambled in July to figure out how they would increase the minimum wage for their employees after the public voted for an hourly increase this past June.

'Wendy's' restaurants will replace humans at the ordering counter this year

The new Wendy's Kiosks

As New York and California are set to increase their minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022, fast food chain Wendy’s is looking to offset that cost by making all of their restaurants self-serve in that latter part of this year.

Company owned locations only make up 10-percent of the chain’s 6,000 locations. All of California’s stores are owned by franchisees.

San Diego: Vote on citywide minimum wage hike likely to go forward

Nearly 2,700 people requested their signatures be removed from petitions seeking a referendum on San Diego’s pending minimum wage increase, a number that appears highly unlikely to leave referendum supporters short of the signatures they need to force a public vote.