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Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep responds to 'overrated' comment at HRC dinner

Meryl Streep honored at HRC dinner, uses time on stage to provoke a call-to-action.

Meryl Streep gave a blistering speech about the current state of political well-being among Americans and their rights on Saturday night. 

Honored at the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) awards gala, the Oscar-winning actress extended what she only touched upon in her Golden Globes speech in January..

Meryl Streep blasts Trump; He fires back on Twitter

Meryl Streep takes an opportunity during the Golden Globes to lambast Donald Trump.

The Golden Globe awards was not just another night of Hollywood accolades and fashion statements Sunday evening.

Academy Award winning, and Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient, Meryl Streep, took the opportunity to make a statement of her own to the incoming Trump administration.

Meryl Streep plays Donald Trump in New York

Meryl Streep imitates Trump in New York

Meryl Streep is a master at portraying characters from all parts of the world. The Academy Award winning actress has stepped into the roles of Karen Silkwood, Margaret Thatcher and Julia Child.

But it is her recent off-the-cuff portrayal of Donald Trump that has the internet amused.

How Goldie Hawn in 'Overboard' is much like Miranda Priestly in 'Prada'

Goldie Hawn in "Overboard."

Goldie Hawn’s character Joanna in “Overboard” probably couldn’t run an international fashion magazine such as Miranda’s Priestly’s Runway in “The Devil Wears Prada,” but there are some aspects to her pre-amnesia personality that would have given Miranda a run for her money.

GLAAD's What To Watch This Weekend

Tonight catch a new "Say Yes to the Dress," tomorrow a showing of "The Hours," and on Sunday watch "Unzipped."

GLAAD's What To Watch This Weekend

Tonight, catch new back-to-back episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress." On Saturday, watch a showing of "A Diva's Christmas Carol." On Sunday, see a showing of "The Hours."