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Martinis Above Fourth

Linda Lavin says she's ready to entertain Hillcrest

“Linda Lavin Sings!” will be presented November 10, 2018 at Martinis Above Fourth, 3490 Fourth Avenue, Second Floor, San Diego, CA. Limited tickets are still available.

On November 10, 2018, legendary singer and actress Linda Lavin will perform her cabaret show “Linda Lavin Sings!” at Martinis Above Fourth in San Diego.

Lavin, who many remember for her starring turn in the television series “Alice” (1976-85), is no stranger to cabaret. In fact, she had her first solo act in the early 60s.

The LGBT community's straight man: Hal Sparks ignites the stage with comedy and smarts

Hal Sparks says he's all-in for a "Queer as Folk" reunion.

Hal Sparks knows a lot of things and he's not afraid to talk to you about them. Which is a good thing because he was sitting in L.A. traffic when he called me for our interview so I learned a few things about him. Hal is one of those people that makes life's biggest problems sound so easy to figure out.

Martinis Above Fourth has something for everyone in Sept.

All the best entertainment right in Hillcrest at Martinis Above Fourth.

Summer may be coming to an end, but the talent at Martinis Above fourth continues to heat up through September. From a jazz visionary to shady drag queens to a musical landscapist, Martinis is still the best place in Hillcrest to see live entertainment from all over the world. 

Here are some shows that you won't want to miss this month: 

Martinis Above Fourth gets hilariously off-beat in Sept.

Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage is located at 3940 Fourth Avenue, 2nd Floor, San Diego, CA 92103 

You're going to be able to hear the laughter all throughout Hillcrest at Martinis Above Fourth in September with these two unique comedy acts. 

Deemed one of the funniest drag queens in America, Delighted Tobehere is bringing her wonderful brand of humor to San Diego's Martini's Above Fourth on Thursday, September 6.