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Marriage-equality talks heat up in Hawaii

Same-gender marriage is back on the agenda in Hawaii, where the entire congressional delegation and faith leaders have come out in favor of the freedom to marry.

In New Zealand, same-gender couples begin celebrating wedded bliss

"It's history in the making and hopefully it will help other countries to do the same and help New Zealanders to realize that everyone has worth and dignity no matter who they love.''

California Supreme Court lets Prop 8 ruling stand

The California Supreme Court today decided not to take up the Proposition 8 case, a "Hail Mary" bid by anti-gay forces to stop same-gender marriage in the Golden State.

Heart & Soul: Choosing to navigate a two-way street

Instead of forcing the issue, why not treat everyone with the same civility and tolerance that we would want to be treated with, and find a venue that works for everyone.