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Third trans woman death in Louisiana; second in three days

Ciara McElveen was stabbed to death in Louisiana on Monday.

Louisiana has yet another trans murder case on its hands.

Transgender woman Ciara McElveen, 21, was stabbed to death on Monday.

This is the state's third trans homicide, two having been carried out in the Creole State in the past three days. 

Thugs record themselves attacking trans women with a gun

Men video themselves assaulting trans women on the street at night.

A disturbing video has surfaced of young men in Louisiana driving through the streets and harassing transgender women with violence and guns.

Captured by the assailants and reposted by Felicity Noire, the shaky footage is disturbing as the men travel the streets at night shouting slurs and threatening the women.

Republican lawmaker stammers in interview regarding sexting teen boy

While he was mayor, Republican mayor Mike Yenni admits to sexting teen boy, but that he's not gay.

Ex-mayor of Kenner Louisiana, and current president of Jefferson Parish, Mike Yenni (R), says although he made “improper texts” to a 17-year-old boy, he is “not gay.”

A Fox-8 news interview with the Republican politician yields no explanations as to why Yenni engaged with the young college man in 2014, other than to say it was a “stupid action.”

COMMENTARY: It gets better? Depends where you are!

Things are changing all over the world: Some good, some very, very bad. Sadly the old adage applies here: The more things change – the more they stay the same.

Gay men arrested in Louisiana under invalid sodomy law

A Sheriff’s Office task force used the unenforceable sodomy law to ensnare men who merely discussed or agreed to have consensual sex with an undercover agent, an investigation by The Advocate finds.