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Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego

Log Cabin Republicans of SD statement on trans military ban

Gina Roberts, President of Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego.

Gina Roberts, President of Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego,  and the only Transgender President within the organization makes the following statement concerning President Trump's ban on Transgender service members.

COMMENTARY | Carl DeMaio: Our modern LGBT role model

To my pleasant surprise, Carl did not have two heads, red blazing eyes or horns behind his ears as some of his detractors want you to think. Quite the contrary, I met a very thoughtful, intelligent and well-grounded man who has had an extraordinary life story and an exemplary career of accomplishments in business as well as public service.

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Taking issue with Nicole Murray-Ramirez

"I am appalled that Mr. Ramirez, unable to defend his position by strong argument or benefit to the communities in question, stoops to the lowest form of race baiting. He attacks a group of people whose only sin is working really hard to empower the LGBT and Latino communities."