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Linda Perine

COMMENTARY: The redistricting mapping begins, and LGBT support is needed Saturday

If the commission adopts the suggestions contained in the Community In Unity Map, it will create a Latino/Immigrant Coalition District, strengthen the LGBT District 3 and reflect the enormous changes in the demographics of San Diego that have occurred over the last decade. This is a good thing!

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Taking issue with Nicole Murray-Ramirez

"I am appalled that Mr. Ramirez, unable to defend his position by strong argument or benefit to the communities in question, stoops to the lowest form of race baiting. He attacks a group of people whose only sin is working really hard to empower the LGBT and Latino communities."

ACTION ALERT: Help shape our community TONIGHT!

Redistricting matters, because more than campaigns, cash or candidates, district lines determine who will make major decisions about your life for the next decade.

COMMENTARY: Why redistricting matters

It won’t help your sex life (although I personally have not given up entirely on that angle). So why should you care where those squiggly re-districting lines get drawn?

How to help San Diego’s LGBT community preserve District 3 seat

To ensure that this LGBT-friendly council district is preserved, the LGBT community needs to prove that it is a Community of Interest. This can be accomplished through a strong, consistent, and organized show of support at local hearings.