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LGBTQ youth

GLAAD's Rising Stars 20 Under 20 list

GLAAD's Rising Stars 20 Under 20 list

This year, GLAAD introduced the Rising Stars 20 Under 20 list to honor young LGBTQ people who are accelerating acceptance of LGBTQ people while shaping the future of news, entertainment, social, and all forms of media.

Protecting our LGBTQ+ youth

Parents of LGBTQ+ youth may feel isolated themselves, not understand what to do or where to turn.

Growing up is hard to do!

For all of us, especially adolescents and young adults, exploring who we are, what we want in life, and our friendships and intimate relationships are especially important.

It’s not always easy navigating our independence with what our parents and family members may expect or want for us.

Canvass for a Cause retools

Canvass for a Cause has had some problems in the past, but today it continues to serve the LGBT community.

Fundraiser and book signing to benefit CESCaL educators conference

CESCaL will host a fundraiser on Thursday, in collaboration with the release of Catherine Mattice's new book "BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work," to raise funds for the 2013 conference for educators focused on LGBTQ youth.