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LGBT seniors

During the pandemic, The Center helped LGBTQ seniors with connectivity

During the pandemic, The Center helped LGBTQ seniors with connectivity

Dear Center Community,

The journey we have all been on for the last year has been unparalleled - and The Center has been here every step of the way. We have provided vital Emergency Services, but we have also provided support - Essential Support - to our community to ease isolation, help discover next steps, find resources, take care of mental health, and so much more. 

CA legislature passes bill to protect LGBTQ seniors in long-term care

LGBT senior abuse includes, but is not limited to, refusal of admittance or eviction to long-term care facilities because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

On Wednesday, the California Legislature approved a bill which would create a "Bill of Rights" for LGBTQ seniors housed in long-term care facilities. This is one step closer to protecting elderly LGBTQ individuals who rely on assistance from long-term care professionals, some providers are accused of mistreatment of residents through discrimination and homophobia.

The growing, neglected challenges of LGBT Latino elders

Latino elders who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) face additional challenges as they age, compounded by barriers rooted in their racial and ethnic identities, as well as LGBT stigma and discrimination.

Help prevent LGBT older adults from aging back into the closet

The troubling reality is that the U.S. lacks a complete understanding of the LGBT senior community and is particularly unprepared for the needs of LGBT older adults at the intersection of multiple disadvantaged populations, such as LGBT seniors who are people of color, disabled, living with HIV/AIDS, undocumented immigrants or socioeconomically marginalized.

Business Profile: HELP is only a quick phone call away

Only a few decades ago, people with mental illnesses like alcoholism or depression were handed over to the state for care and there was a stigma associated with mental health issues. Today, the stigmas are gone and HELP is here to work with people suffering through a variety of mental health concerns, in the privacy and comfort of their own home.