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LGBT relationships

In the Raw: The Facebook "status" dilemma

Generally, all eyes are on our "relationship status" on Facebook. Any time a change is made, the response of friends is often immediate, regardless of the change. But what about the impact on your partner? Even if the relationship is over, don't you want to salvage a friendship in the long term?

The Nested Lez: Break-ups suck!

When long-term couples break up, there is that awkwardness of with whom friends should side. There have been many times when I've heard people say they "lost friends in the divorce."

Study shows longterm LGBT couples suffer from "habit synchronicity"

"The finding that one partner is a 'direct bad influence' suggests that individuals converge in health habits across the course of their relationship, because one individual's unhealthy habits directly promotes the other's unhealthy habits."

In the Raw: How to know if someone really likes you

Trying to size up whether or not someone you are interested in has similar feelings? Check out Jennine's suggestions on what to look for and how to tell whether or not they are checking you out, too.