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LGBT issues

Azerbaijan's Eurovision welcome for gays questioned again

Azerbaijan is not a gay-friendly country, but government officials are trying to assure the media that gays will be safe at the 2012 Eurovision song contest in the capital city of Baku.

VIDEOS: DADT is repealed! New era dawns in march toward full equality

From San Diego to D.C., gay and lesbian troops celebrate the end of DADT. Advocates say this is the beginning of a new era as government policies that discriminate against gay Americans begin to fall by the wayside.

New group vows to fight for global gay rights

The Kaleidoscope International Diversity Trust says it will work to support LGBT human rights campaigns around the world "guided by local needs and the help we are asked to give."

Why is Mexico persecuting gay lawyer Jaime López Vela?

A Mexican lawyer and gay activist is facing 14 months in prison for defending a victim of homophobia. Jaime López Vela was the first to be married in Mexico City after the city approved same-sex marriage in 2010 and is planning to run to be a member of Parliament on the list of the PRD.