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LGBT issues

Vandals target rainbow flags at Unitarian churches

The Unitarian Universalist Association, which opposes discrimination against gay people, said marriage equality banners and rainbow flags have become easy targets because of congregations’ visibility and support of gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual issues.

Belgrade Gay Pride banned over security concerns

"Police cannot support holding of all this gatherings for security reasons, because there will be clashes, victims, blood and we will end up a huge chaos."

NEWS ANALYSIS with VIDEOS: In culture war against LGBT rights, words hurt

California is one of the few states in the union that is attempting to grant full equality to LGBT people. The far-right is on the warpath against the FAIR Education Act, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law after it was approved by the legislature.

Gay Burundian wins UK asylum after 11-year battle

As a teenager, the gay man and his sister fled Burundi where his family, part of the persecuted Tutsi minority, were massacred. It took 11 years to win sanctuary in the United Kingdom.