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LGBT issues

COMMENTARY: Presbyterian Church's ordination of gays is bittersweet

After decades of open struggle with the church's recalcitrant attitude and discrimination against its LGBTQ worshippers who wanted to serve as pastors, elders or deacons, the Presbyterian Church (USA) finally conducted its first openly gay ordination.

Leaked cable shows limits of State Department's reporting of LGBT issues abroad

Not noted in State Department reports, but covered in those of Rainbow Ethiopia LGBT/MSM, a group engaged in HIV/Aids prevention efforts, was the murder of an American diplomat Brian Daniel, 5 February 2009. He was found dead in his home in Addis Ababa, beaten to death with golf clubs in what the group says was a "homophobic attack". That aspect of the murder appears to have been covered up.

In Ghana, LGBT people come out as civil society abandons them

Fed up with both day after day of nasty newspaper headlines and one civil society leader after another abandoning them, last Friday Accra's gay community came out, one-by-one, at a major "straight" forum.

Ghanian blogger Graham Knight described the collective coming out as "remarkable."