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LGBT issues

BREAKING NEWS: Ninth Court of Appeals weighs two motions in Prop. 8 case | VIDEOS

A three-judge panel at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals grilled lawyers on both sides Thursday afternoon on two motions under appeal: Whether to release the Prop 8 trial video and whether to vacate the Prop 8 ruling because the judge was gay and in a committed relationship.

In Australia, Queensland Parliament OKs civil unions

The bill will grant same-sex couples the right to enter in to legally recognised civil unions. At least one of the parties to the civil partnership must live in Queensland.

In Nigeria, Senate passes harsh anti-gay bill

“The bill will expand Nigeria’s already draconian punishments for consensual same-sex conduct and set a precedent that would threaten all Nigerians’ rights to privacy, equality, free expression, association and to be free from discrimination.”

Adoption forum to urge child welfare agencies to include gay families

“We have more than 100,000 children in foster care in the United States waiting for a permanent family. Child welfare systems with responsibilities for finding potential parents now have resources through HRC’s All Children-All Families to reach out to caring and competent families in the LGBT community.”

In Russia, St. Petersburg passes homophobic law to silence LGBT people

The law, which has been rushed through the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, prohibits so-called propaganda of "sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors." The bill was introduced by Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.