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LGBT issues

WikiLeaks bombshell! Uganda's first lady is behind "Kill The Gays" bill

"President Museveni is 'quite intemperate' when it comes to homosexuality, but that the President will likely recognize the dangers of passing the anti-homosexuality legislation. He said First Lady Janet Museveni, who he described as a 'very extreme woman,' is ultimately behind the bill." - U.S. Ambassador Jerry Lanier

UN reports on violent attacks on LGBT people in Iraq

"It is clear that LGBT persons in Iraq have nowhere to turn. Hunted by religious extremists, ignored by the police and unable to ask their families for help, many have sought to resettle outside of the country. While reports of violence have subsided for the time being, LGBT individuals still face daily persecution."

Cyndi Lauper to open shelter for LGBT young people on Sept. 9

The gay icon’s shelter on West 154th Street in Harlem will be called True Colors Residence and will support young people who have been kicked out of their homes and disowned by their parents or guardians.

Gay and ashamed! How America's shame culture is feeding LGBT addiction

One woman's deeply personal story puts the face on our culture of shame that is much more than embarrassment. An expert says it is the leading cause of addiction, and the reason why drug and alcohol abuse is higher in the LGBT community that it is among heterosexuals.