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LGBT History

Watch: The gay generation gap explored in new viral video

Two different generations discuss being gay.

An eye-opening video which shows the difference in gay generations has gone viral and it reveals the changes in the community over the last six decades.

English senior citizen Percy, 78, sits across from 13-year-old Louis and recalls the tumultuous times when homosexuals were persecuted and arrested.

"Stonewall 45: Windows Into LGBT History" recounts story of 1969 uprising

In honor of the historic Stonewall Riots, the Arcus Foundation and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation have organized "Stonewall 45: Windows Into LGBT History," a walking exhibition in New York's Greenwich Village where the modern-day LGBT revolution first began.

The quiet revolution for marriage equality: Hennepin, 1970

Nearly every LGBT person knows about “Stonewall,” the spontaneous resistance to police intimidation of LGBT patrons at the Stonewall bar in New York City in June 1969.

Relatively few know about Hennepin in May 1970.

Heart & Soul: Becoming visible

Life, thankfully, is changing for us in the LGBT community, whether conservative fundamentalists like it or not. A lot of the change for us has to do with our being willing and able to raise our hands and say “yes, I am.”

Lambda Archives opens new exhibit space

San Diego's LGBT historical society, Lambda Archives, recently opened its long anticipated exhibit and archive space.