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LGBT fitness

Trans Fit: Happy, healthy holiday eating

While the holidays can be hectic, it is important to eat at normal mealtimes. Don’t try to "make up" for bad eating by skimping at breakfast or lunch.

Trans Fit: Be Eggstravagant!

This week Chris gives you the skinny on all things egg-tastic.

Boot~ique: How short is too short?

If you only have short spurts available for exercising, Jaylin has ideas how you can get the most out of that time and still burn calories all day long. She also wants you to know about Zumba as an alternative to standard exercise.

Trans Fit: Beware of food labels

Chris Tina covers all the familiar claims you will find (but usually don't understand) on every day food packages found at the grocery store.

A 90-day challenge: Bootcamp is for tough gals (and wussies like me)

The first week of bootcamp may be over for the assistant editor of SDGLN, but she has to keep her mind in transformation mode every minute of every day of this 90-day challenge she's committed herself to. Here is the first of her weekly updates.