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LGBT fitness

Boot~ique: How to break bad habits to reach your fitness goals

Instead of just cleaning out the dust bunnies and cobwebs around your house this Spring, do some inner work that will help you accomplish your fitness goals (as well as be more productive in other areas of your life).

Boot~ique: 8 things lean people do

There are seven specific things that lean people do, and if done by you, will impact your body in such a way that you will see your body transform before you know it.

Boot~ique with VIDEO: Make your legs lean now

To get the most out of your legs, you need to push them farther than you have before. This quick circuit will do just that.

Trans Fit: Build muscle with light weights

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, muscle mass gains have more to do with the overall amount of work done, so the individual performing more reps has more of a chance of gaining mass.

Trans Fit: The vegetarian athlete

This week Chris Tina supplies you with ways to keep fit and athletic even if you are a vegetarian.