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LGBT Film Festival

FilmOut Q&A: "The Go Doc Project" with creator Cory James Krueckeberg | VIDEO

Writer-director Cory James Krueckeberg tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News that his movie, “The Go Do Project,” was a “no budget film” done out of love by cast and crew. And his message for audiences? “I want audiences to remember to step away from their computers, smart phones, tablets, televisions … and live life for real.”

FilmOut Q&A: “Meth Head” and director Jane Clark | VIDEO

Director Jane Clark speaks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about “Meth Head,” sharing how her brother’s death due to complications of meth addiction helped to inspire her to make this hard-hitting movie that pulls no punches.

FilmOut Q&A: "Love Or Whatever" with director Rosser Goodman | VIDEO

Director Rosser Goodman chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about “Love Or Whatever,” and shares the inside info on how this “rom-com” came to be made and how she found the stunningly handsome actor Joel Rush.