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LGBT Asylum News

Uganda lawmakers quietly reviving "Kill The Gays" bill

Despite international outcry from LGBT advocates and human-rights activists, Uganda's parliament could put the "Kill The Gays" bill up for a vote within a fortnight.

Is Australia preparing to send LGBT refugees to Malaysia?

As Australia's High Court puts the controversial refugee swap deal with Malaysia on hold, questions remain on how Australia has and will treat LGBT refugees who arrive by boat.

AUDIO: Is it getting worse for LGBT people in Ghana?

Western media continues to report on government official's call for arrests of LGBT people in Ghana and the growing homophobia and harassment of gays and lesbians.

Breakthrough: United Kingdom to record sexuality-based asylum claims

The UK joins only five other countries which record data on the number of LGBT persons benefiting from
asylum/subsidiary protection due to persecution on the ground of sexual orientation: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Latvia and Estonia.