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#SaveTheNight Initiative seeking contributions for the Lesbian Bar Project

#SaveTheNight Initiative seeking contributions for the Lesbian Bar Project

From the Lesbian Bar Project:

When Our History Isn't Told, We Must Tell It Ourselves

We are the Lesbian Bar Project and we aim to celebrate, support, and preserve the remaining Lesbian Bars that exist in the United States. We hope to ensure the Bars not only survive but thrive in a post-pandemic landscape.

Reality check on love: You may never find someone

Too many of my friends, people I talk to, and profiles I read of members on my dating site believe that in order to be happy they need to find a partner or meet someone. Some people go as far as acting desperate, miserable, and unhappy admittedly as a result (in their own minds) of being single.

Election 2014: Susan Guinn vows to defeat anti-gay County Clerk

Consumer attorney Susan Guinn says that Ernest Dronenburg’s political blunders and missteps show voters that “the incumbent is doing a terrible job. He is bad for business, bad for families and has abused his elected position to promote his own ideology, rather than following the law.”

The invisible epidemic: Lesbians and cancer

Now the pink has been put away for another year and breast cancer is no longer in the spotlight. Unless you happen to be a breast cancer survivor or be battling the disease yourself, that is -- like me and millions of other women, many of us lesbians.

New efforts aims to bring the "L" back to WeHo

The new Lesbian Center hopes to provide a safe space where L.A.-area lesbians of all ages and backgrounds can get together and develop a sense of community outside of the bar scene.