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Leonardo Caion-Demaestri

Green Tip of the Week: Be good to your cotton T-shirts

It takes almost 1,000 gallons of water to create one cotton T-shirt, not to mention a heaping helping of pesticides, herbicides and other not-so-cool stuff, so be kind to the tees you already own with a few simple tips.

Green Tip of the Week: Cut a rug!

Rugs are one of the ways to warm your home without using more energy.

Green Tip Of The Week: Plastic rings can be killers

Plastic beverage rings thrown in the trash often end up in the ocean and other waterways where they can be mistaken as food by marine animals who choke on or ingest the plastic and die. If the animals don’t try to eat the plastic, they can still become ensnared in the stretchy rings, which can cut, strangle and even drown them.

Green Tip Of The Week: A little dab will do ya!

Shampoo and body wash (as well as dishwashing soap and other bubbly products) will get extra lathery when you add water, so it’s unnecessary to use so much.

Green Tip Of The Week: Singing the praises of shady areas

Parking in the shade can significantly lower the temperature of parked vehicles and thereby reduce the amount of volatile organic materials released into the air.