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Judge: Gay student can wear ‘Jesus Is Not A Homophobe’ shirt for 1 day

“We’re glad that Maverick is able to wear his shirt on April 20th. However, a student’s First Amendment rights are not restricted to one day of the year – we will continue to fight until Maverick is allowed to express who he is on any day he chooses.”

Gay student sues school over "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe" T-shirt

"I've been bullied and called names, I wanted to wear the T-shirt to encourage respect for all students, gay or straight" Maverick said. "I wish my school would help me create an accepting environment for LGBT kids, not single me out for punishment."

BREAKING NEWS: DOMA ruled unconstitutional in California case

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protections clause, a federal judge ruled today in an important test case in California that could have national implications.