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Lady Gaga

VIDEO: GLAAD's What To Watch on Thursday

Tonight GLAAD recommends watching a showing of the hour-long behind-the-scenes special "Perez Hilton All Access: Lady Gaga" on the CW.

COMMENTARY: Finding inspiration at GLAAD Media Awards

Random thoughts about Jamey Rodemeyer's family, ousted Scout leader Jennifer Tyrell, Chaz Bono and his two moms Cher and Mary Bono Mack, Josh Hutcherson, Maureen Walsh, and the candid speech by GLAAD's new president Herndon Graddick.

The Dinah Blog wrap-up: The Saturday pool party sizzles

It's the Saturday pool party! Madness, music, dancing and debauchery! Check out the slideshow to see what you missed or find yourself in the crowd or close-ups!

Bullied gay teen's suicide note: Insight on EricJames Borges' tragic death at age 19

“We gave him slogans from T-shirts and videos instead of tools. He hadn’t learned the art of removal or the snap and shoulder shrug or even anger, the defenses many of us have had, to learn to survive in this hostile world. Instead, he internalized it, all of it, and really he didn’t understand it.”

Lady Gaga to launch anti-bullying foundation

Lady Gaga announces the creation of the Born This Way Foundation to take her anti-bullying work to the next level.