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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga surprises fans with new single at Coachella

Lady Gaga treats surprised fans to a new single called "The Cure" at Coachella.

A few months ago, Coachella ticket pass holders expecting to see Beyoncé perform were almost surprised to find out the pregnant Queen B had to cancel her appearance at the desert music festival, and Lady Gaga stepped in to take her place.

Pink responds to Gaga's use of aerial choreography

Lady Gaga soared through the air at Super Bowl LI.

Since there was no real controversy surrounding Lady Gaga’s performance at the half-time show during Super Bowl LI, some are trying to stir the pot by making up their own.

Fans of Pink made reference to Mother Monster’s use of aerial choreography, claiming that the stunts are something the “Who Knew” artist does in her own act.

Gaga responds to 'fat' comments

Lady Gaga responds to critics who have called her fat.

Some people watching Lady Gaga’s explosive half-time show were less concerned with her perceived political message as they were about her body.

Criticizing the singer about her weight seemed to be a trending topic on social media, but Mother Monster was quick to respond in her usual way.

Lady Gaga will appear on "Drag Race 9" season opener

Lady Gaga will guest star on season 9 of "Ru Paul's Drag Race."

Lady Gaga will make another big leap this year as Logo announced today the pop icon will appear on the premiere of Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 9 this March.

Mother Monster appears in full face and gown in the teaser which the network released today. 

Was Gaga sending a message through her Super Bowl song set?

Lady Gaga at Super Bowl LI Halftime show.

Lady Gaga literally took a leap of faith at the Super Bowl LI halftime show on Sunday.

Opening up her highly anticipated performance the outspoken pop icon sang “This Land is Your Land,” with a backdrop swarming with small drones choreographed to make images of the Pepsi logo and American flag.

Lady Gaga takes a stoic stand at Trump Tower

Lady Gaga stands in silent protest at Trump Tower after Clinton loses the election.

Not one to take Trump’s win lightly, pop singer Lady Gaga instead silently stood her ground in front of New York's Trump Tower early Wednesday morning.

Just after it was announced that Trump would be the next president the music icon descended upon the 58-story building holding up a sign which read, “Love trumps hate.”

She also shared her vigil on Instagram saying:

Gaga's new 'A-Yo' released on YouTube; distancing herself from 'Monster' fame

Gaga's latest release "A-Yo" taps into 80's doo-wop without the harmony.

With Lady Gaga getting ready to release her highly-anticipated album “Joanne” this Friday, she’s been slowly teasing the public with a few opening tracks.

Last month it was the debut of tepid “Perfect Illusion,” and today, the second, titled “A-Yo,” hit YouTube.

Lady Gaga in free concert tonight on 'Facebook Live'

Lady Gaga to give Facebook Live users a chance to see her perform all through October.

Lady Gaga is giving Facebook subscribers a free opportunity to see her in concert on Wednesday, Oct. 5. 

Bud Light has partnered with the singer to bring audiences the “Dive Bar Tour,” in which the 30-year-old will perform using "Facebook Live." 

She is expected to give fans a sample of songs from her new album "Joanne."