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Kurt Niece

Kurt Niece: Why Cleveland got Gay Games 9

“I’m asked, ‘Why Cleveland?’ for the Gay Games a lot,” Tom said in an exclusive phone interview with SDGLN.

Screen Scene: “Hello Ross,” goodbye Kitty

SDGLN Visual Arts Critic Kurt Niece touched a few nerves in his column titled "The problem with 'Hello Ross'" that ran on Nov. 15. Here is his follow-up.

Screen Scene: Dog days of summer TV

SDGLN Visual Arts Critic Kurt Niece bemoans summer TV, missing "Revenge" and "Dancing With The Stars." And shocked that one of the HGTV hunks got married -- to a woman!

Screen Scene: HGTV hunks rebranded as “Cousins On Call”

"Neither cousin is married. Apparently neither has a girlfriend or a boyfriend for that matter, and more power to them! By keeping their options open, they have a gigantic sea of admirers. It's a little like the truly bisexual. There’s always a date. So in the case of the cousins, there’s always a fan."