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Kill The Gays Bill

Uganda lawmakers quietly reviving "Kill The Gays" bill

Despite international outcry from LGBT advocates and human-rights activists, Uganda's parliament could put the "Kill The Gays" bill up for a vote within a fortnight.

BREAKING NEWS: Uganda's Parliament adjourns without action on "Kill the Gays" bill

"This bill must never see the light of day as the mob could use this to inflict terrible crimes against people. The pressure from people around the world has had a big impact and the resulting influence from the international community has played a very important role in stopping this going forward today."

Episcopalian priest: Time to clean up anti-gay toxins Anglicans dispensed via evangelism

The legacy of Anglican and British rule and morality in many parts of the modern world needs careful and urgent scrutiny right now in the light of two impending decisions that will save of destroy millions of human lives, in the name of God.

Will the world do anything if Uganda passes "Kill the Gays" bill?

The situation in Uganda's Parliament is fluid. Overnight, the "Kill the Gays" bill seemingly vanished off the agenda, but reports out of Kampala, Uganda, today indicate that Parliament indeed will vote on the measure. Stay tuned for the breaking news.

Ugandan LGBT activist pleas for help as the "Kill the Gays" bill regains life

"Remember that this is time for the GAY MOVEMENT around the world to make COMMON CAUSE with the average citizen of Uganda to decry the abuse of human rights of ALL UGANDANS. Do not separate the two issues. Mention both in the same sentence, in the same breath."